Omnichain dDNS and Ultimate Interoperability

NexBloc is building the next generation of the internet with decentralized DNS (dDNS) at the core and cross-chain interoperability. Digital entities tied to the decentralized web is the future of personal data protection and use.

At NexBloc, our goal is to unlock the potential of the decentralized web by bringing dDomain usage to all chains and by providing the tools to create value.

Next-Generation Domains for Web 3.0

Freedom is at the Core of Our Mission

We stand for the freedom to be us. With nobody standing in our way to creating a harmonious world where personal data sovereignty and censor free communications thrives.

We don’t limit anyone’s access to a Web 3.0 world with the desire to seek truth and question what is propagandized to us.

Our community of creators and consumers strengthen our resolve to build a future of global peace and individual empowerment.

We stand against breaking moral codes of behavior toward our fellow beings. And we support efforts to tear down these types of persons.

Freedom is a born right and always has been. We choose it every day and work to provide all a better way.

The .freedom blockchain top-level domain

Anyone can get a .freedom domain and will be able to use it as we build out the tools for the decentralized web. Be proud that you have a yourname.freedom domain and are providing a way to show your individual power to control your destiny.

The Mission to Fund Humanitarian Causes

By buying a .freedom domain, you will contribute to humanitarian causes across the globe. The net proceeds of at least 90% of the cost of the domain will be distributed to recognized cause organizations for use in supporting a better world.

Ukraine: A special point of need

The world watches as a massive humanitarian crisis emerges out of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Countries, companies, organizations and individuals have stepped up to donate to the cause for humanity.

NexBloc will distribute funds received to a select group of globally recognized groups like the Red Cross and others. We will share our audited results for transparency.

Join us in the movement to make the world a better place and help us grow Web 3.0


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Payment Address for Wallets

Universal Username
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Truly Own Your Data

Blockchain URL


Web 3.0
Top-Level Domains

NexBloc is constantly expanding its dTLD’s.
If you are interested in sponsoring a dTLD, contact us.

Investors and Strategic Partners

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